Just as a map is an abstraction of the territory it represents, and provides us with a different kind of information, so my work seeks to represent the world in a new way, to offer the viewer a sort of cross-section of reality, something fundamental and illuminating.

My paintings evolve slowly, over time. I think of them as naturally occurring, like fossils, found objects of a kind. The marks I make are gestural and spontaneous, but they are also considered; these paintings are made by someone who thinks carefully – often cautiously – about things, someone who can't help but take her time, and they bear the trace of this.

I am interested in how a painting – how any work of art – can exist as a record of the person who made it. I see my paintings as a kind of handwriting; a mysterious visual extension of myself. Like handwriting, the way I paint may shift and change, but it is always, indelibly, mine.